Salisbury Backflow Testing & Repair

A faulty backflow prevention device opens the floodgates to many plumbing disasters. Prevent the worst from happening by getting yours tested and repaired today!

Backflow occurs when your plumbing system's wastewater reverses its natural flow. When this happens, harmful sewage can spew out from your fixtures and even contaminate your water supply.

Keep your property protected by having your backflow prevention device tested by our experts from Hancock & Son Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Salisbury, MD. If you suspect your device is already damaged, our trained and certified technicians will quickly arrive at your Eastern Shore property and apply the appropriate fix.

Did you know that a faulty sewer line can cause hastened wear and tear on your backflow prevention device? Keep your whole plumbing system in top shape by enrolling in our maintenance plan!

The Causes of Backflow

If your plumbing system's water pressure greatly exceeds the pressure of your water tank, backflow ensues. The force produces an influx, pulling the contaminated water back to its source.

Many events can create this pressure difference, including:

  • Main water supply that is too low
  • Municipal station failure
  • Faulty water mains
  • Broken plumbing system

Since many of these circumstances are out of your control, the best way to protect your property is to keep your backwater prevention device well maintained.

The Importance of Regular Backflow Testing Services

Like most other plumbing fixtures, backflow prevention devices will incur damage over time. Eventually, this situation can create a system failure and leave your water system vulnerable. Our experts at Hancock & Son Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can test your property's device every so often to keep it in excellent condition and fix minor plumbing issues before they can worsen.

If your entire property suffers from weak water pressure, it might be time for a system repiping to return a strong, reliable flow.

Count on Us for Timely Backflow Repair Services

How can you tell if your backflow prevention is operational? Aside from messy backflow, here are several common warning signs of a compromised device:

  • Unclean Water: Cloudy, muddy, or foul-smelling water can indicate a broken backwater valve in your pipework.
  • Water Leaks: When prevention valves reach the end of their life cycle, it's not uncommon for a leak to form. The water leak can come from sudden pressure changes, thermal expansions, or other damaged components in your plumbing.
  • Slow Drainage: Faulty backflow valves can cause water to slow down or completely stop circulating.

When we see a problem with your unit, our experts will recommend the most cost-effective solution that will permanently resolve the issue. We’ll only start backflow repair after you give the go signal, and we’ll update you throughout the whole process.

For backflow prevention in Salisbury, MD, or throughout the Eastern Shore, you can leave everything to our experts at Hancock & Son Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us at 410-749-1000 to schedule your testing or repair today!