Preventative Maintenance Plan

Enjoy peace of mind with our PM Assured Plan membership!

As a homeowner or business owner, peace of mind is everything! Our Preventative Maintenance (PM) Assured Plan was created to help our customers seamlessly maintain their plumbing and HVAC systems. The result is fewer breakdowns, more energy-efficient plumbing and HVAC systems, and longer-lasting equipment.

The Basics of Our Preventative Maintenance (PM) Assured Plan

Annual Preventative Maintenance for HVAC and Plumbing includes:

  • Routine Maintenance on HVAC system(s): as prescribed by industry/manufacturer.
  • Whole House Plumbing Inspection and Report: one time for homeowner.
  • Any custom tailored options for Plumbing Items: i.e. annual flushing of water heaters.

Benefits of Our PM Assured Plan

  • Reduced Flat Rate Pricing on HVAC or Plumbing Service Calls: i.e. Reduced Refrigerant Prices.
  • Reduced Renewal: After first year, we know your system(s) needs and will be more efficient therefore we intend to pass this savings on labor to our customer.
  • No Dispatch/Diagnostic Fees on HVAC or Plumbing Service Calls during normal.
  • Reduced Dispatch/Diagnostic Fees on HVAC or Plumbing Service Calls after hours/weekends/holidays.
  • Lower Annual Utility Bills: Maintaining HVAC and Plumbing systems is comparable to changing the oil in your vehicle Oversight of HVAC and Plumbing systems’ performance (thru regular maintenance) ensures optimization of heating and cooling expenses.
  • Exemplary Service: PROMPT reaction on service calls PM Assured Plan customers get first look **ALL customers are prioritized based on nature of the emergency PM Assured Plan Customers will be given special consideration as applicable Replacement systems.
  • Consistency: strong knowledge (thru regular maintenance) of individual system(s) needs. Technicians log service reports on all calls made – history is easily accessed by technicians/managers familiarization of individual needs makes for less time wasted and/or misdiagnosis (less wasted $$).
  • Trust: The idea behind naming it “PM Assured Plan” is to convey the Trust that will be built with our customer. Reliability and Peace of Mind for our customer is the goal.

Want to see if our PM Assured plan is right for you? Call us at 410-749-1000 to let us answer your questions.