Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Isn’t My Furnace Turning On?

    When your furnace doesn’t turn on, even when the temperature in your house dips below the setting on the thermostat, it can be due to one of several issues. One of the most common problems is an issue with the sensor. To properly diagnose and repair the problem and get your unit up and running again, call us to schedule an appointment with our technicians.

  • Why Isn’t My House Cooling Down Even When My AC Unit Is Running?

    When your AC unit is running but your house is not cooling to the set temperature -- or maybe the system is even blowing out warm air -- it can indicate you need to recharge the refrigerant. Schedule an appointment with our experts to have the issue resolved.

  • When Should I Replace My AC Unit vs. Repair It?

    When your air conditioner malfunctions, it can be tempting to keep putting money into repairs. However, if you notice the following symptoms, it can be time to install a new unit:

    Your house is not cooling to the set temperature.

    Your unit is leaking.

    Your system is making strange noises.

    Your unit needs costly repairs. At that point, it can be more cost-effective to replace the system.

  • How Often Should I Change the Filter in My HVAC System?

    Determining when to replace the filter in your air conditioner or furnace can vary based on your household and lifestyle. Generally, you should change the filter every six months if you do not have a pet, and every three months if you live in an urban area due to external air quality issues. If you have a pet, you should change the filter every two months, and if anyone in your household has pet allergies, you should then plan on replacing it monthly.

  • When Should I Replace My Toilet?

    When updating the plumbing fixtures around your house, you might overlook the toilet. However, it’s important to be aware of symptoms that can indicate it needs to be replaced. Some signs to watch for are if it starts to clog more often, if it’s using more water than it needs to, if there are cracks in the unit, and if it’s showing signs of aging.

  • How Do I Keep My Garbage Disposal Running Properly?

    To prevent your garbage disposal from clogging and malfunctioning, it’s important to keep it properly maintained. This can include not putting hard food, starchy items and stringy foods down the disposal. You should also run water down the drain when you’re using it, and grind up ice once a week to keep the blades sharp. You can also remove bad odors with lemons to keep it smelling fresh.

  • How Do I Prevent Hair From Clogging My Shower Drain?

    Do you need to frequently remove hair blockages from your shower drain? There’s an easier solution than pulling out hair clumps all the time - you can install a screen over the drain. This collects the hair before it goes into the pipe. Just clean it out every couple of weeks to keep the water flowing properly.

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