Ocean Pines, MD Plumbing Services

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Plumbing issues can cause major inconveniences around your house -- from showering in cold water due to a malfunctioning water heater to enduring foul odors from a clogged drain. When you encounter problems at your property, get professional help fast. Call Hancock & Son Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning for plumbing services in Ocean Pines, MD. Our technicians are licensed and insured and can get the job done quickly and accurately.

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We offer complete plumbing services to the Ocean Pines area, including:

  • Water heater services
  • Tankless water heater services
  • Emergency services
  • Sump pump services
  • Backflow protection services
  • Toilet repair services
  • Drain cleaning services
  • Water leak detection
  • Gas leak detection

Potential Causes of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can quickly cause major damage to your house as they pour hundreds of gallons of water into your home. These unfortunate situations can be due to several causes, including:

  • Freezing temperatures: These can cause the water inside pipes to freeze and then expand until they eventually break.
  • Major clogs: These can cause water pressure to build up and can eventually lead to a burst.
  • Aging pipes: Over time pipes will corrode, crack, and eventually burst.
  • Tree roots: Nearby tree roots can infiltrate your pipes and cause damage.
  • Shift: A shift in the earth can cause pipes to break.
  • Construction: A major construction project can damage pipes, causing them to burst.

Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

When selecting a new water heating system for your home, one option is a tankless unit. These on-demand systems provide several advantages for your household, including:

  • Take up less space than a traditional unit.
  • Provide hot water when you need it - without waiting for it to warm up.
  • Use less energy as the full tank of water doesn’t need to be heated.
  • Provide increased safety as the units only operate when needed. They also utilize a number of safety features that will turn the unit off if a pressure or flow problem occurs.
  • Last 20 years or more, which is almost double the expectancy of a traditional system.

When your water heater breaks down, you need to repair it immediately - you can’t wait for payday. Contact us to learn about our financing options.

Advantages of Regular Drain Cleanings

Having your drains cleaned by a professional can have many benefits for your house or property. Some of the benefits these services provide are:

  • They clean stubborn clogs.
  • They get rid of slow drains.
  • They lower the risk of plumbing emergencies by having blockages removed.
  • They reduce odors.
  • They allow plumbers to inspect your system regularly and find small issues before they become larger.

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